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Seed Health & Wellness is at the leading edge of patient care in the field of prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis. Through the use of these therapies, we are dedicated to effectively treating chronic pain and serious illnesses. We endeavour to improve your quality of life by making your health and wellness our priority. As such, we are focused on educating patients, physicians and the greater community through clinical research on the benefits of prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis to benefit your medical treatment.


Medical cannabis and prescription cannabinoids can be a meaningful treatment for your condition when prescribed correctly, improving your quality of life by effectively managing the symptoms of your condition.


When you are referred to Seed Health & Wellness, you will undergo an initial medical consultation by our team of clinical experts to assess your needs and determine if medical cannabis is right for you. After your initial screening, your medical examination will be performed by one of our physician specialists. Our education specialists will then provide patient education about your prescription and provide any assistance you require through the medical process, helping you find the licenced producer right for you. Your health and wellness is our focus. Our team will happily arrange follow-up appointments and track your progress to help you achieve your health goal.


When you see us for the first time, you will receive an initial consultation with a physician and medical cannabis education session with our team of education specialists.

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About Us